Modern maintenance services in the defense industry


Actemium solutions for effective military equipment production.
Innovative solutions for increased production efficiency.

Actemium, specializing in advanced services in the construction of power installations, automation and robotics, relocation of industrial lines, and production maintenance, proudly presents its modern solutions in the defense industry. Collaborating with a renowned company producing military equipment, Actemium offers comprehensive maintenance services that ensure the highest level of technical support and environmental care.

Contract in progress

The contract being executed for this client includes technical support for various types of production equipment, especially those related to the production of artillery and armored vehicles equipment. Our maintenance services focus on maintaining the efficiency of cutting equipment, cranes, and transportation devices, which play a crucial role in the equipment production process.



As part of the contract, our specialists also handle the organization of oil and technical fluid exchange used in the production process, which is crucial for the optimal operation of machinery and equipment. Maintenance is responsible for the smooth operation of power, lighting, water, and technical gas installations, ensuring stable production at every stage of the process.


The innovations introduced by Actemium in this project aim to improve the efficiency of military equipment production and minimize environmental impact. The system for collecting used oils and technical fluids has been modernized, reducing the negative impact on the environment. Additionally, lighting systems in workstations have been upgraded, improving ergonomics and operator efficiency. Control of power-off contactors has also been improved, resulting in better power supply quality for production equipment. The type of filters used in air conditioning has been changed, significantly improving air quality in production halls where precision machining is performed. Thanks to innovative management of maintenance service organization, equipment availability rates have increased, resulting in even more efficient production.
Actemium recognizes the crucial role played by the defense industry, which is why our maintenance services are delivered at the highest level. Our company has the experience and knowledge to offer professional and modern solutions tailored to the individual needs of the client. Trust Actemium and the expertise of professionals in the defense industry, and your equipment production will operate reliably, efficiently, and in harmony with environmental concerns.