Solutions for the chemical industry

Working with Actemium business units, we implement solutions that automate chemical processes such as chemical reactions, separation processes, and filtration.
Our solutions help optimize energy and resource consumption by installing monitoring and control systems for energy usage and production optimization.
We also provide maintenance services for chemical installations, such as machine maintenance and repair, fault diagnosis, and maintenance planning.
We support clients in implementing new business models by offering solutions for tracking and processing production data and utilizing Big Data analytics.

  • Production automation and safety

    Production digitization, automation of production processes, intelligent diagnostic systems and safeguards, prevention of breakdowns

    We offer solutions to support chemical production automation. Our intelligent monitoring systems reduce the industry’s environmental impact by reducing energy consumption, limiting greenhouse gas emissions and eliminating the environmental impact of toxic substances. We install modern electronic equipment that ensures production safety based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence.

  • Commissioning and modernization of production lines

    Specialized support for the chemical industry, assembly work, configuration of technological and production lines, employee training

    We provide professional support for chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic manufacturers in relocating and installing production equipment. We offer specialized support for commissioning and integrating equipment with existing production infrastructure. We provide services related to the installation of advanced monitoring systems that meet industry-specific safety requirements.

  • Diagnostics and repair of chemical equipment

    Comprehensive maintenance support for production lines, innovative approach to predicting threats and eliminating breakdowns

    We provide services related to the diagnosis and repair of automated technological and production lines. Our actions aim to improve work safety by maintaining machine efficiency and providing training for employees. We support modernization work on specialized technological lines and activities related to launching new processes, requiring precision and experience.

  • Production control and management

    Production control and management systems, support for automated production lines, systems securing industrial IT networks

    We specialize in the implementation of advanced SCADA systems for monitoring and controlling automated production systems. We also deliver solutions to support measurement systems and pollution control. We also implement predictive maintenance and equipment condition monitoring systems and AI-based analytical tools to support the work of maintenance services.