We provide professional and comprehensive services related to the relocation of machinery and production lines, their commissioning, and the transportation of oversized equipment.
The relocation process is conducted safely, ensuring proper operation of the equipment in the new location.

  • Industrial machinery relocations

    Relocation of machinery and equipment, professional transport of industrial equipment, oversized and low-level transport

    We offer transfer and relocation services for industrial equipment domestically and internationally. Our relocation service includes dismantling the equipment and ensuring its proper protection during transportation. Safe loading and transportation. Upon arrival at the destination, the equipment is unloaded, assembled, and subjected to testing and commissioning.

  • Complete industrial line transfers

    Preparation of transfer documentation and transfer of complete production and technological lines, including their commissioning in the new location

    In the case of production line transfers, we prepare transfer documentation. Then, according to the plan, we carry out mechanical and electrical dismantling, secure the equipment for transport, move it to the new location, and reassemble it, performing all tasks related to connecting power supplies and utilities in the production hall.

  • Commissioning of technological lines

    Commissioning of machines and production lines after transfers and downtime, adjustment and stabilization of technical parameters

    We conduct commissioning of machines and entire production lines that have been stopped due to technical changes, repairs, or production plan limitations. Before restarting, the company conducts activities related to checking the technical condition of the machines, verifying the operation of safety systems, and adjusting set parameters.

  • Electrical supply and connections installation

    Execution of LV, MV, and HV electrical supplies, electrical testing and measurements, protective measurements of machines before commissioning

    We carry out work related to connecting equipment to the electrical network. As part of these activities, the company installs necessary cable lines, distributes boards, and makes connections. Before starting the equipment, it assesses its safety, performs electrical measurements, and protective measurements related to commissioning.

  • Sanitary and HVAC installation execution

    Heating, cooling, gas, compressed air, technical gas, ventilation, and industrial air conditioning installations, industrial air curtains

    We connect transferred technological lines to the utility networks used in production processes, including LNG and LPG installations, technical gases, welding mixtures, compressed air, technical heat, and cooling installations, as well as ventilation and air conditioning systems operating in conditions of exceeding the highest permissible concentrations.

  • Coordination of service and repair services

    Coordination of manufacturer’s service, maintenance and service requiring specialized service kits for relocated equipment

    During relocation, we coordinate service, transportation, and installation services with equipment suppliers, ensuring the transfer is carried out according to the manufacturer’s requirements and eliminating the risk of equipment damage or warranty loss. Machine transfers are conducted in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements and using dedicated service tools.