Solutions for the automotive industry

We collaborate with the Actemium network, executing projects related to automation and control in car manufacturing, robotic systems, power supply, and building automation.
We offer services related to transferring production lines of electric and hybrid vehicles and implementing vehicle safety technologies and assistive systems.
We support our clients in ensuring the continuity of production lines and provide services related to monitoring machine condition and ensuring optimal performance.
Our company helps clients leverage modern technologies such as augmented reality, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, machine learning, and cloud computing.

  • Automation, control, power supply

    Modernization of existing production lines, integration of production systems, commissioning of production and technological lines

    We specialize in modernizing production and technological lines through their robotization and automation. We also implement remote monitoring and control systems and systems visualizing production processes. Our solutions are based on system integration using SCADA software and utilize Internet of Thinks (IoT) and machine learning-based software for production planning.

  • Machine and production line relocations

    Transfer of production lines, commissioning and optimization of new production lines, employee training in operation

    We offer comprehensive expertise in dismantling, transportation, and reinstallation of machines and production lines, along with their commissioning and optimization in a new location. During the transfer of a production line to another facility, we also handle its modernization by installing and integrating new control and industrial automation systems and adapting infrastructure in the new location.

  • Ensuring production continuity

    Maintenance of machine efficiency, modernization and reconstruction of production lines, improvement of operational efficiency

    We specialize in conducting inspections and maintenance of machines used in the automotive industry. We also perform emergency repairs and advanced diagnostics machines and equipment using machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence software. Our services support actions aimed at increasing the safety of workers and automated production and technological line equipment.

  • Internet of Things and industrial software

    Software deliveries for industry, delivery, configuration, and maintenance of Internet of Things IoT devices, cloud solutions for industry

    Our offer also includes services related to software development and implementation for the industry. We specialize in integrating MES, SCADA, and ERP systems. We support our clients in implementing solutions related to the digital transformation of manufacturing plants, including the use of IoT, Big Data, and Cloud Computing technologies. We also propose solutions to ensure IT security in the industry.