We leverage Actemium’s network knowledge to conduct repairs and modernizations of production lines in various industries.
Actemium’s repair teams guarantee professional and timely completion of work while ensuring full safety for people and equipment.

  • Machinery and production equipment repairs

    Planned maintenance and repair of machinery, troubleshooting, restoration of full operational capacity of production equipment

    We specialize in addressing damages that occur during the operation of production equipment. We repair mechanical, electrical, and electromechanical damages, replace or regenerate worn-out components, eliminate vibrations and clearances. Based on diagnostics, we align components, adjust equipment, and restore proper settings.

  • Modernizations of technological lines

    Enhancements of production line functionality, component replacements, upgrades to power and control systems

    We specialize in designing and implementing modernizations of production and technological lines aimed at increasing their efficiency through automation and robotics, integrating automation systems, Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data, replacing inefficient components with newer and more efficient ones, and introducing changes in the production process.

  • Electrical installation repairs

    Connection repairs, cable line replacement, distribution and transformer replacements, electric machine and drive systems repairs

    We repair low, medium, and high-voltage electrical installations and equipment, as well as conduct replacements and reconstructions of cable and overhead lines, modernizations of lighting installations, repairs and reconstructions of electric motor power supply systems, as well as repairs of switchboards, stations, transformers, and UPS and generators.

  • Automation system modernizations

    Complete or partial reconstruction of existing automation systems, replacement of control devices, sensors, panels, and software

    We carry out partial or complete replacements of control equipment in control and automation systems, replacing old controllers with their new counterparts. We also update software and supplement SCADA applications. Additionally, we replace worn-out and faulty electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic actuator modules, as well as replace robotic workstations.

  • Industrial installation commissioning

    Documentation verification, equipment preparation for acceptance after repairs, safety tests and trials, final inspections and tests

    We conduct acceptance and commissioning of repaired machines before they are put into operation. In addition to electrical and mechanical tests and trials, technical documentation and compliance declaration are also checked. An evaluation of the operator’s workstation ergonomics, lighting, and overall safety conditions is carried out.

  • Coordination of repair work with servicing

    Preparation of equipment for servicing, execution of non-manufacturer-serviceable repairs, documentation updates

    During the production line repair, we prepare machines and equipment that require specialized manufacturer servicing for repairs. We also oversee documentation updates and the completeness of provided certificates and compliance declarations, conducting additional tests and trials that enable the equipment to be reused.