Solutions for the manufacturing industry

Drawing on the experience of the VINCI Group, we automate production processes and increase their efficiency and effectiveness through integration with IT systems.
We implement production data management systems, such as MES (Manufacturing Execution System) or SCADA, as well as cyber-physical systems (CPS) and IoT platforms.
We support the industry in the maintenance of machine and production equipment movement, ensuring their reliability and continuity of operation through trend identification and forecasting.
We also offer support for solutions such as predictive systems based on analysis of large amounts of data, AI-based solutions, or blockchain.

  • Energy efficiency and automatic control

    Implementation of new technological solutions, increased production efficiency, integration of production, logistic and storage

    We deliver solutions that increase energy efficiency and automate production processes. Our solutions enhance worker safety and protect manufacturing infrastructure in plants. We install and program production control systems and create solutions that optimize production processes based on collected production data allowing for their dynamic optimization and cost reduction.

  • Upgrades and maintenance of production lines

    Design and implementation of production supervision systems, introduction of innovative technologies in production processes

    We provide comprehensive services for the relocation of machinery and production lines for companies implementing innovations and aiming to optimize their production processes, requiring the use of advanced technologies and continuous monitoring and control. We deliver solutions for companies in need of advanced automation systems based on the Internet of Things (IoT) or blockchain.

  • Equipment and infrastructure maintenance

    Implementation of new systems supporting production maintenance, specialized around-production service, optimization of service work

    We provide comprehensive support for maintenance departments and service teams. We use solutions that enable continuous monitoring of the technical condition of machines and event forecasting, allowing proactive and predictive maintenance. The organization of our maintenance services minimizes downtime and ensures production continuity, reducing financial losses.

  • Industrial information systems

    Integration of industrial IT systems, delivery, configuration, and maintenance services of transmission and monitoring systems

    We provide services related to the implementation and integration of ERP and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) systems as well as IoT technology-based systems. We also implement monitoring and production control systems that enable the collection and analysis of production data and their presentation graphically. Additionally, we conduct training for industrial personnel related to the maintenance and operation of industrial IT networks.