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Sustainable development is an important goal for our company. Learn about the actions we take towards environmental protection and improving working conditions. Sustainable development – our passion, our mission, our future.

Environmental impact


Environmental protection is one of the cornerstones of the activities of all companies within the VINCI Group.

Environmental protection is one of the cornerstones of the activities of all companies within the VINCI Group, including Actemium, which provides services in the field of power installations, automation, control and robotics, relocation and commissioning of production lines, as well as outsourcing of production and pre-production maintenance services.
The VINCI Group is one of the thousands of companies that joined the Science Based Targets initiative established in 2015. The initiative developed and introduced the world’s first net-zero standard, providing frameworks and tools for companies to limit global temperature rise above pre-industrial levels to 1.5 ° C.
The SBTi recommended practice is for companies to adopt transitional plans covering emissions from scopes 1, 2, and 3, define short-term milestones, ensure effective management at the board level, and link executive compensation to the company’s adopted milestones.



The VINCI Group’s Commitments to Environmental Protection

The VINCI Group has committed to staying on a “well below 2°C” temperature rise trajectory in line with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. To achieve this, the Group has decided to reduce direct and indirect emissions and to apply a circular economy approach.

Regarding direct emissions, the VINCI Group plans to reduce them by 40% by 2030 compared to 2018, and for concessions, the goal is a 50% reduction over the same period. To achieve this, the company plans, among other things, to use energy-efficient machinery and vehicles and encourage employees to reduce personal consumption and promote car-sharing.

In terms of indirect emissions, the VINCI Group plans to reduce them by 20% by 2030 by promoting low-emission technologies among suppliers and subcontractors, offering low-carbon solutions to customers, implementing electromobility and biofuel and hydrogen systems, and developing emission control tools at the project level.
The VINCI Group also aims to adopt a circular economy approach, which means implementing waste management plans at workplaces, phasing out single-use products, systematically recovering waste through eco-design, and using materials produced from recycled sources.

In the area of water resources and biodiversity protection, the VINCI Group aims to achieve zero net land occupation by 2030, using already occupied land in all development activities, focusing on municipal recycling operations. The company will also conduct activities to deepen knowledge and practices related to biodiversity protection.

In each VINCI Group unit, an environmental management plan is implemented to prevent pollution and incidents, and the internal biodiversity diversity strategy adopted by the VINCI Group is implemented in workplaces and throughout the infrastructure.

Application of Environmental Protection Principles in the VINCI Group

In the VINCI Group, the implementation of environmental protection principles is tailored to the specifics of each sector, following a decentralized organizational model. This aims to ensure the best possible adaptation of activities to local conditions and to promote proper implementation and continuous improvement of activities.

All companies belonging to the Group are required to follow environmental protection guidelines and to ensure that subcontractors and partners implement appropriate actions in accordance with these guidelines during project execution. The effects of actions taken are measured using appropriate indicators.
Monitoring results and progress in environmental protection are published in the VINCI Group’s annual report, allowing for the exchange of views on ways to improve them. In this way, the VINCI Group aims to continuously improve its actions and improve the quality of the natural environment, which is in line with its commitments and values.



Sustainable development


Our responsibility towards the environment and people.
Let’s act together for a sustainable future.

At Actemium, we are aware of our role in shaping the future for the natural environment and our employees. We are committed to sustainable development actions, which include environmental protection, reducing our climate impact, protecting water resources, and improving our employees’ working conditions.

We undertake various initiatives, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our production processes, using eco-friendly technologies and practices, promoting recycling and reducing raw material consumption, and improving energy efficiency.

Our goal is to continually improve our actions and processes to minimize our environmental impact while offering our customers the highest quality services.