By leveraging Actemium’s network expertise, we provide maintenance services for industrial production on outsourcing principles.
In particular, we specialize in serving companies from the aviation, defense and automotive industries.

  • Comprehensive maintenance of technological lines

    Maintenance of production lines, equipment servicing, and ensuring continuous production processes, operational supervision

    Our teams perform tasks aimed at ensuring safe and efficient operation of equipment and production lines. They monitor performance parameters of operational equipment, ensure proper and tailored maintenance to eliminate failures and unplanned downtimes, and reduce scheduled downtimes.

  • Maintenance of power supply and lighting installations

    Power supply installations in production buildings, electrical machine control, distribution boards and control cabinets, hall lighting

    We conduct inspections and maintenance of power supply installations in various enterprises. We perform tests and measurements of electrical equipment, monitor their safe operation, prevent accidents and failures. The main goal of our maintenance strategy is to ensure the safety of employees and operated equipment and minimize the occurrence of failures.

  • Maintenance of heating and ventilation installations

    Monitoring and maintenance of industrial ventilation and air conditioning systems, maintenance of technical heating and cooling installations

    We supervise the proper operation of central ventilation units, monitor the condition of air filters, and ensure proper operation of temperature, humidity, and airflow control systems to maintain their constant efficiency. Additionally, we ensure the proper operation of technical heating and cooling installations, preventing malfunctions that may adversely affect production quality.

  • Maintenance of technical gas and water installations

    Diagnostics and maintenance of cooling and process water installations, compressed air and technical gas installations used in production

    We provide services ensuring uninterrupted supply of water and technical gases necessary in the production process. Our goal is to supervise equipment that optimizes the consumption of these media. Additionally, we conduct continuous diagnostics of installations to monitor media quality, following a preventive and proactive maintenance strategy.

  • Maintenance of technical infrastructure in buildings

    Maintenance of building infrastructure in industrial facilities, repairs and maintenance of production halls and their technical equipment

    Our employees are responsible for maintaining and safely operating industrial buildings and media installations, which are necessary as technical equipment for buildings and production halls. As part of our tasks, we oversee the functioning of electrical, plumbing, central heating, gas, ventilation, and air conditioning installations.

  • Industrial waste and pollution management within the plant

    Monitoring and reporting processes of waste transport, storage, and disposal, sustainable management of industrial and hazardous waste

    We provide support for waste management logistics processes within the company. We assist in classifying and recording waste in accordance with legal regulations, as well as in actions aimed at storing waste in an environmentally safe manner. Additionally, we oversee the process of transferring waste for disposal.