Solutions for the aerospace and defense industries

Together with partners from the Actemium, we introduce robotics and artificial intelligence solutions that enhance the efficiency of aerospace and defense component production.
By implementing continuous monitoring and diagnostics systems for production equipment, it is possible to detect faults earlier and avoid unplanned downtime.
We also offer services for maintaining assembly lines, continuous improvement of manufacturing processes, application of IoT technologies, and visual systems.
Our solutions also include the use of computer simulations to optimize production processes and virtual design and testing.

  • Automation and robotization of assembly stations

    Assembly automation, programming and powering of robotic stations, innovative vision technologies, SCADA for logistics processes

    We create innovative solutions for assembly and testing automation of manufactured assemblies. We design and install control systems for machine tools. We program industrial robots used in aerospace and defense production for welding, soldering, cutting, and painting. We develop SCADA software for production and deliver vision systems for quality control and management.

  • Transfers and start-up of machines

    Relocations and upgrades of production and technological lines, integration of new quality systems, startups of assembly stations

    We offer services related to relocating existing production and technological lines and building and starting up new ones. We also provide services related to the modernization of older assembly lines by integrating automation, control, and quality control systems. We install robotic stations and 3D printing devices to facilitate the production of parts and prototypes from plastics and metals.

  • Specialized maintenance services

    Support for intensive production processes, equipment performance analysis, tracking and optimization of production processes

    We specialize in providing ongoing maintenance services tailored to the specific requirements of clients in the defense sector. Our offering includes regular technical support, periodic inspections, machine repairs and upgrades, as well as ensuring production continuity in case of breakdowns or maintenance. Additionally, we offer solutions for failure prediction and equipment performance analysis.

  • Visualization of industrial processes

    Monitoring of Internet of Thinks systems (IoT), security of industrial teletransmission systems, modernization of IT systems

    We implement monitoring, diagnostic, and quality control software in the aerospace and defense industries, including software for analyzing and visualizing data from sensors and other sources. We provide cybersecurity solutions for IoT. We also offer advisory services related to the digital transformation of the industry, supporting the implementation of AI-based tools and strategies.