We specialize in designing power supply systems ranging from low to high voltage and installing equipment for industrial power grids.
The systems we build are safe, reliable, and meet the highest environmental protection requirements.

  • Power supply installations and LV & MV equipment

    Design and construction of LV and MV electrical networks for industry, construction of connections for photovoltaic and wind farms

    We handle the execution of industrial low and high voltage installations, both internal and external, including those in explosion hazard zones. We also offer overhead and cable line construction, transmission and distribution circuits. We design and build transformer and distribution substations, capacitors, automation systems, and network metering.

  • LV and illumination installations

    Low and medium voltage power supply installations and lighting for office, hotel, and industrial facilities, energy-saving solutions

    Specializing in executing low and medium voltage power supply and lighting installations for office, hotel, and industrial facilities. Our installations take into account requirements for stability, backup in case of failure, fire protection, and lightning protection. For office buildings, we offer energy-efficient solutions integrated with BMS.

  • Area and road lighting installations

    Design and construction of road and area lighting, measurements and evaluation of outdoor lighting, consideration of sustainable development needs

    We build road lighting installations, industrial area lighting, street lighting, and residential area lighting. We offer high-efficiency and energy-saving LED solutions and intelligent systems that allow adjusting light intensity according to current needs, depending on the time of day or weather. We also provide solutions for production halls and public spaces.

  • Structured cabling systems in buildings

    Copper and fiber optic transmission network cabling for buildings, outdoor, and industrial applications, wide selection of equipment

    We create category 6 to 8 structured cabling installations and fiber optic installations in industrial facilities. To protect against interference from industrial power grids, we offer equipment dedicated to industrial applications. For office buildings, we propose aesthetic installation accessories, including flush-mounted and surface-mounted ones.

  • Fire, alarm, and access control installations

    Electronic fire alarm systems, anti-burglary installations, access control, RCP, supervision service work reporting, perimeter protection

    We specialize in installing fire alarm systems for office and industrial buildings. Our solutions are integrated with automatic extinguishing and smoke removal systems, providing comprehensive protection against hazards. Additionally, we offer anti-burglary installations and unauthorized access protection systems, integrated with RCP, ERP, and BMS.

  • CCTV surveillance installations and alarm systems

    CCTV surveillance installations, recorders, visual surveillance centers, internet image transmission, integration with alarm systems

    We offer real-time visual monitoring systems utilizing image analytics. They enable monitoring of people’s movements, remote access control, guest recording, and detection of threats such as burglary, fire, or violation of occupational health and safety rules while an employee moves around the hall. Our monitoring systems ensure safety, convenience, and control over the workplace.