By executing contracts for industrial sectors, we have gained extensive knowledge regarding the technical requirements of industrial equipment facilities.
Utilizing our own sanitary installation teams, we efficiently, timely, and safely carry out installation works.

  • Water supply and sewage installations

    Reconstruction and modernization of water and sewage installations in industrial, office and hotel facilities as well as public buildings

    We offer modernization and reconstruction services for sanitary installations tailored to the individual needs of the enterprise. Our solutions consider requirements related to the operation of production and technological lines, such as qualitative and performance parameters, as well as guidelines related to environmental protection and threats from toxic substances.

  • Heating and cooling installations

    Design and construction of heating installations, process heat and refrigeration installations for ventilation and industrial processes

    We build and modernize heating and cooling systems used in industry. They include process heat and cooling installations used by ventilation and air conditioning systems and systems supporting technological processes. As part of our services, we install ventilation units and high-efficiency air curtains.

  • Ventilation and air conditioning installations

    Industrial ventilation and air conditioning systems operating in conditions of exceeding permissible concentrations of pollutants

    We install ventilation and air conditioning systems in office buildings and industrial plants. As part of our services, we offer the installation of local and zone ventilation equipment with heat recovery. In particular, we install equipment that allows work in conditions exceeding OELs for dust and toxic fumes, as well as chemically aggressive substances.

  • Gas network installations and connections

    Construction and modernization of industrial gas stations and LPG and LNG gas installations, automation and control of industrial gas stations

    We carry out gas connections and installations in industrial plants to supply gas to technological lines. We install vaporizers, reducers, and gas mixers, using only fittings from the most reputable manufacturers. In particular, we specialize in designing and installing control, automation, and gas distribution monitoring systems.

  • Industrial compressed air installations

    Design and construction of compressed air installations to power high-performance industrial pneumatic control and drive installations

    We build industrial compressed air distribution installations that supply impact tools, cutters, paint application devices, pneumatic material transport, and cooling and drying in the machining process. Additionally, we offer automated systems that meet requirements regarding the number of consumption points and gas pressure.

  • Technical and special gas installations

    Industrial installations for the distribution of technical gases used in welding, special gases and high purity gases used in production

    We undertake projects related to the construction of installations for the production and distribution of technical gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, welding shielding mixtures, ammonia, and compressed air. Additionally, we offer cryogenic installations and high-purity gases. We provide comprehensive solutions, including automation and sensors control.