Solutions for the food industry

With the support of the VINCI Group, we offer solutions that provide insight into production processes and enable better real-time quality control.
As part of our operations, we modernize and automate production lines in the food industry using modern control and production monitoring systems.
Our clients can rely on support in optimizing production processes, energy consumption optimization, and efficient maintenance and servicing of machinery.
Our offerings also include solutions related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence, taking into account sanitary-hygienic and ecological requirements.

  • Automation and artificial intelligence

    Integrated IoT-based systems, services considering sanitary-epidemiological requirements, and specific production characteristics

    We specialize in automating production processes, delivering quality monitoring systems, and integrating industrial systems. We support the food sector in modernizing existing systems and improving their efficiency. We also provide integrated vision systems with alarm installations using AI-based solutions, which enhance food production safety and meet growing quality requirements.

  • Optimization of production processes

    Relocations and adjustments of highly automated production lines, modernizations, and repairs of refrigeration equipment

    We provide support to companies implementing new and environmentally friendly technologies related to food production. We assist in modernizing production lines, enabling real-time processing of production data and supporting environmentally friendly technologies. We offer flexible and comprehensive support for relocating production facilities, requiring specialized knowledge and skills.

  • Reliability and continuity of production

    Maintenance of continuously operating production lines, prediction of production maintenance, ventilation, and air conditioning

    We provide maintenance services for automated production lines in environments with elevated sanitary-hygienic requirements and requirements related to the impact on the natural environment. We use advanced remote monitoring systems, allowing our specialists to have continuous insight into the state of machinery and equipment. This enables us to intelligently adjust maintenance schedules and eliminate costly downtimes.

  • Information technology solutions

    MES software, Asset Management systems, industrial network cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), integration of production systems with ERP systems

    We offer solutions integrating production with ERP systems in industrial plants. We implement MES (Manufacturing Execution System) systems, allowing control of production processes and real-time production data collection and analysis. We also deliver software solutions supporting the automation of production processes, such as industrial robotics, vision systems, and process control.