Actemium Poland Maintenance

Actemium Poland Maintenance offers comprehensive solutions for maintenance in production and production environment. Our company is prepared to provide maintenance services, machine repairs, and technical infrastructure maintenance in your facility.
We ensure comprehensive logistical and technical support, as well as efficient waste management within the facility. Our main goal is cost optimization, including spare parts inventory, consumables, and energy consumption reduction in the facility.



Near-production maintenance                                          


Production line maintenance                                            


Machine relocations and mechanical works          


Conservation training                                                               


Machine and equipment services and inspections


  • Infrastructure maintenance – near-production movement

    We carry out comprehensive technical condition analyses of equipment, machines, installations, and buildings. Our services include maintenance work and repairs of technical building infrastructure. We also engage in industrial waste management within the plant, in cooperation with services and external service companies.

  • Collaboration with services and external service companies.
  • Activities aimed at maintaining operation.
  • Maintenance of equipment responsible for the supply and distribution of media, such as:
    • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC).
    • Electrical power supply, lighting.
    • Technical gases, industrial water (cooling water, process water installations), compressed air.
  • Maintenance and repairs of technical building infrastructure.
  • Industrial waste management within the facility.

  • Production line maintenance and operation

    We provide comprehensive services that guarantee achieving the efficiency and productivity required by the client for technological lines. We maintain full documentation of our activities, manage purchases of spare parts and equipment crucial for production processes.

  • Maintenance of machine and other production equipment operation continuity.
  • Organization of inspections, maintenance, and repairs of machines.
  • Planning deliveries.
  • Asset register maintenance in the company.
  • Provision of spare parts and consumables for machines and equipment.

  • Machine relocations and mechanical works

    Actemium offers machine relocation services within the plant, assisting in planning the layout of machines in the production hall. Proper machine layout aims to maintain efficiency, ergonomics, and workplace safety in the plant.

  • Machine moving and commissioning.
  • Machine startups.
  • Comprehensive installation of HVAC systems.
  • Equipment assembly and disassembly.

  • Conservation training

    Actemium is able to maintain various industrial processes in different market segments, ensuring the reliability of customer installations. We provide training for employees to improve qualifications, both individually and for teams, explaining the best practices to apply in your facility.

  • “Maintenance Team Management” training.
  • “Conservator’s Role” training.
  • “Contract Management” training.

  • Services, machine inspections, and inspections

    We carry out planned services and inspections of machines and equipment, including calibration and calibration of measuring instruments. We guarantee high efficiency of production processes by taking preventive actions in terms of modernizing solutions to meet growing needs. We solve problems related to the production process in the field of maintenance and conduct technical condition analysis of equipment, machines, installations, and buildings.

  • Machine and equipment repairs.
  • Modernizations and improvement of machine operation on production lines.
  • Providing service in the machine park.
  • Planning and conducting machine inspections.
At Actemium Poland Maintenance, we strive for excellence in maintenance, offering comprehensive and efficient solutions for various industrial needs. Our commitment to full logistical, technical, and environmental support allows us to effectively support customers in optimizing their production processes.