Actemium Poland Industrial Services

Actemium Poland Industrial Services offers comprehensive solutions in servicing and relocation for various industrial sectors. We are prepared to relocate production machines and industrial lines from one manufacturing plant to another location within Europe and worldwide.
We provide full logistical and technical support, including connecting power, utilities, and ventilation systems. We guarantee support from mechanics and electricians during startup and commissioning. As part of our services, we can also carry out machine modernizations according to your needs.



Transfers – production line relocations


Machine assembly and disassembly                 


Line installations                                                        


Workforce rental and coordination          


Repairs and modernizations                                 

  • Production line transfers and relocations

    Moving machines and entire industrial lines from one factory to another presents significant logistical and technological challenges. This requires the use of heavy equipment and the involvement of competent professionals capable of carrying out such tasks.

  • Transfer of industrial lines.
  • Machine and equipment relocations.
  • Specialized packing for transportation, comprehensive transportation, unloading, and installation.
  • Machine moving and loading using specialized equipment.
  • Identification and implementation of projects aimed at increasing process reliability.

  • Machine assembly and disassembly

    Machine and equipment assembly is one of the most risky and challenging tasks we undertake for our clients. Precise assembly requires proper preparation of the machine during disassembly, followed by precise reassembly and adjustment of components, maintaining previous functionalities according to specifications.

  • Dismantling of existing machines and entire production lines and other industrial facilities.
  • Insurance for relocated industrial lines.
  • Modernization of power supply, utility installations, and ventilation.
  • Design and installation of steel structures.
  • Preparation of foundations, equipment mounting to substrates.
  • Machine alignment verification through geometry, axis alignment, and leveling.

  • Line installations

    To ensure high machine efficiency, minimize the risk of breakdowns, and reduce servicing costs, correct installation of machines during the pre-commissioning stage is essential. Planning the proper layout of machines in the production hall is crucial for efficiency, ergonomics, and workplace safety.

  • Commissioning of relocated industrial lines.
  • Machine startups.
  • Comprehensive HVAC installation services.
  • Design and execution of mechanical services.
  • Participation in the planning and execution process of repairs and maintenance of production machines.

  • Workforce rental and coordination

    We rent teams of mechanics and electricians under the client’s supervision for a specified period or on a task-based basis. The teams are equipped with the necessary tools to effectively carry out the ordered scope of work. Additionally, we coordinate the work of specialized service teams and create individual mechanical projects along with their installation on-site.

  • Teams equipped with necessary tools to carry out the ordered scope of work.
  • Coordination of specialized service work.
  • Individual mechanical projects and implementations.
  • Testing before commissioning.
  • Assistance during startup and production.

  • Repairs and modernizations

    We conduct modernizations and improvements to machine and production line operations. Integrating new machines with existing machine assemblies at the plant is standard for us. We provide comprehensive technical support, including repairs of individual machines, modernizations of production lines, and modifications to automation systems.

  • Repairs of individual machines and equipment and entire production lines, including electrical, mechanical, and installation work.
  • Modernizations and improvements to machine operation and production line efficiency.
  • Modernizations or modifications to automation systems.
  • Installation and setup of new machines and equipment and production lines.
  • Commissioning of machines and equipment and industrial installations with full technical support.
At Actemium Poland Industrial Services, our goal is to provide comprehensive service and relocation solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency for clients from various industrial sectors. We are ready to meet even the most exceptional challenges, providing full logistical, technical, and staffing support.