Solutions for the power industry

Leveraging the expertise of the VINCI Group, we offer support in processes related to energy generation and distribution, including the implementation of SCADA systems and control.
Our offering also includes support for monitoring energy network parameters and designing/implementing emergency power supply systems.
We carry out upgrades of switchgears, transformers, power lines, protection and control systems, and implement measurement and telecommunications systems.
Our services are also tailored to the industry, including emerging technologies such as Smart Grids, Energy Storage Systems, and renewable energy sources.

  • Vision systems, automation, and control

    Intelligent power grid management installations, advanced industrial automatic control and production monitoring systems

    We offer solutions for remote monitoring and control of network operations, utilizing IoT and Big Data technologies, as well as automatic control and monitoring industrial systems for power devices. We also build vision and security management systems that leverage artificial intelligence solutions. Our devices and systems enable the recovery of electrical energy and reduction of energy losses.

  • Energy monitoring and security

    Modernization and implementation of new power systems, Smart Grids, production infrastructure automatic condition monitoring

    We carry out upgrades of power supply installations for devices such as industrial robots, requiring special power and control systems. We adapt power supply to the requirements of automated production lines. We offer services related to the construction and configuration of power security systems, such as relays and SCADA systems, as well as the installation of equipment and infrastructure condition monitoring systems.

  • Relocations and infrastructure maintenance

    Transfers and relocation of power devices and equipment, startups of electrical devices, outsourcing of specialized maintenance personnel

    We provide services related to the relocation and commissioning of generators, transformers, and other power devices. We deliver services related to maintenance, supervision, and prevention of failures. We carry out repairs of power infrastructure and install modern monitoring equipment. We provide services for photovoltaic panel manufacturers and companies developing energy storage technologies.

  • Data lake, data transmission, and security

    Supply and configuration of IT equipment, maintenance of data transmission infrastructure, integration and security of IT systems

    We create IT solutions related to energy management, related to the implementation of pro-ecological solutions, enabling energy consumption optimization, network and device parameter monitoring, as well as failure prediction. We also offer services for integrating various IT systems and ensuring cybersecurity, including the implementation of security systems and network and power systems monitoring.